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Decking Cleaning Suffolk

Our decking cleaning services for Suffolk combine a professional cleaning and application of protective oils. Timber decking by its very nature can quickly look grubby and in some cases become quite dangerous if not reguarly maintained.

When we clean decking we take great care to ensure although the decking is properly cleaned no damage to the wood occurs. The professional equipment we use has a range of pressure controls to enable the deck to be cleaned, without the striping effect of a basic pressure washer.

If the decking has green algae this would be pre treated with a fungicidal wash to kill of the spores prior to cleaning.

Once all muck, residue and green algae has been removed the decking will be left to throughly dry. We would then apply two liberal coats of high quality decking oil to protect the wood and reduce  future maintanance..

If you would like a FREE quotation for our decking cleaning and oiling service please call us on 01473 614253 or 07775 508025 alternatively contact us online.